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Elisabetta Faenza

Elisabetta Faenza - The Charisma Coach

Author, Ghost Writer, Speaker & Mentor

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Elisabetta's journey as a story teller began at an early age.  With a passion for research and sharing people's stories, Elisabetta is able to discover what is special about you and your business, and communicate it through the written and spoken word, across multiple media.

Elisabetta is the editor and ghost writer of choice for business leaders, and is the author of the acclaimed book - The Energy Bucket.  Elisabetta's can add the wow factor to your website through working with you to discover your unique gift to the world, and can either write or edit your copy to maximise both SEO and sales conversion.  The choice is yours.
Her works include non-fiction and fiction, plays and librettos:
The Energy Bucket
In her acclaimed book ‘The Energy Bucket,’ Elisabetta addressed the void that exists in evidence based approaches to managing energy, attitudes and behaviour. Filled with practical examples, her latest book - ‘The Charisma Code’ takes this to the next level.

The Infidel
The Infidel is a work of historical fiction set against the backdrop of the religious wars known as the Crusades. It is a story of espionage, family tragedy, and the arcane labyrinth of secret orders, as the protagonist Gian struggles to find his family’s killers. He becomes embroiled in the world of 13th-century politics, greed, and treachery before he discovers the truth about his heritage and the role he is to play in the fate of kingdoms.  Based on the real history of a family of famed assassins, The Infidel reveals the untold story behind the Crusades. The Infidel is the first book in The Condottiero Trilogy.

D'Arc the Legend of Saint Joan
As the librettist and script writer of this acclaimed musical, Elisabetta tells the story of Joan of Arc as you've never seen it before.  With music by Linda Oxley, D'Arc artfully explores the life of this amazing woman who dared to stand against an army, the Church and its Inquisitors to forge a new nation.

Jehanne for Soprano and Viola
Elisabetta's words are sought after across many media.  Her lyrics have been adapted by renowned composer - Katia Tiutiunnik - for Soprano and Viola and performed internationally.


Elisabetta's journey as a speaker began at 19 when she became the spokesperson for a major charity, and discovered she had a gift for capturing a room and leading them toward a common goal. After graduating from university with a double degree in Languages and Psychology, Elisabetta qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist before completing her Masters in International Relations.

Elisabetta went on to become an international speaker and trainer for the Direct Sales Industry, helping teams around the world increase sales performance and market share.

Elisabetta has become a popular speaker within the public and private sectors, delivering keynotes and personal mentoring to executive level staff on performance and personal development, helping business leaders reposition their branding for greater influence.

More recently Elisabetta has become a powerful advocate for social enterprise and their role in solving some of our most pressing environmental and social problems.


Elisabetta is a much sought after for her ability to uncover the deeper purpose of her clients.  Whether you are writing a PhD, a keynote, preparing a workshop or training programme or your first book, Elisabetta will guide you through the process and get you across the finish line.  The result will be something you are truly proud of, and will enhance your positioning in the market place.

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