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    A lot of Companies are asking their social media fans to vote on their favourite Logo or new Brand, this can work really well in creating a discussion with their fans with increased fan activity and possibly gaining more followers or "likes", but consider this:

    • Is the page that you are posting the proposed logo or brand the design studio or the clients fan page?
      • If it is the design studio's fan page, then what qualifies their target audience to have a valid opinion?
        • Is communication planned and is it a niched page?
      • If it is the clients or proposed owner of the logo or brand - fan page, do they have enough followers to give relevant feedback?
        • Is communication planned and is it a niched page?
    • What do I mean by Niched Page?
      • A niched social page, is a page developed specifically for an identified target market, with a clear brand positioning.
      • This is not a fan page that was populated by simply asking anyone you knew to "like" or "follow" you.
    • The question should not be... do you like this?
    • The question should be... does this create a call to action and prompt you to buy or use this service?
    • Logo and Brand Design is not about peoples personal preferences, opinions or trends, or people thinking you are liked.
      • If you are not getting at least 3% "dislike", you are unlikely to get market penetration, as you require a strong emotional response, whether it is positive or negative.
      • You can hate a brand, and still purchase from them.
      • You can like a brand, and never purchase from them.
    • If you are a highly consumable product:
      • People may hate your brand and still purchase from you for convenience and price
        • e.g. Mc Donalds and the love and hate relationship I have with their products
    • If it is a high end product:
      • The consumer must love everything about your product or service
      • The consumer becomes an advocate for you and promotes your product or service "passionately"
        • e.g. Apple is one of the best examples of consumers that are loyal and passionate about their products!
    Public involvement in the development of any product or brand is always a risk... just ensure it is a calculated risk and that the benefit is to the client and not the agency. 
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