Your Site Got Hacked

  1. So your site has Malware, Adware, Host Disapeared, Site is Down or Suspended!
    Lately we have been contacted by many distressed business owners who have lost their websites as their host or website development agency has been hacked, gone broke or left town for good!

    Often there was no backup system in place, and certainly no security system to assist in security audits and protections in order to prevent Malware & Adware on their websites.

    The first thing we do is assess whether the site is lost for good, or if they are just locked out due to non payment issues their host may have had.  Most people don't know this but the majority of hosts are actually on sellers of hosting or domain registration.

    At No Trees we pride ourselves in transparency!  We recommend places where you can purchase domain names at very affordable prices, we pass on promotions and discounts to our clients, and even pre-register domain names for them.  When it comes to hosting, once again we do not on sell hosting, we recommend hosting.  We liaise with the host whenever there are any enquiries or technical issues on behalf of our clients, building a rapport with the client and the host.  By recommending a host as opposed to on selling hosting it gives our clients a certain amount of freedom, if they do not like our services, then they can quite simply start using another website developer without having to transfer their hosting away, there is no down time, and they have complete ownership of their website after they finish paying for their website development, prior to their site initially going live.  Most agencies do the complete opposite and create a smoke screen, so that you never actually know who you are hosted with, where the servers are that contain your website or client data etc... The other risk you have is if the website agency goes broke and their hosting is cancelled or they forget to pay their hosting account, yours is taken down with it.

    No Trees also pride ourselves in using Firewalls and running regular security audits on the websites we develop!  We actually specialise in removing Malware from other website designers / developers sites.

    Today I was contacted by another distressed business owner, they had a business website built by Yodel Australia  his site has been hacked and now has Malware on it, it has been in this condition for 3 weeks now and he is losing business as a result!  He has made numerous attempts to contact Yodel on their support contact number with no luck what so ever!  He contact me and I made some enquiries, I reached a landing page stating that the Yodel Australia website account has been suspended.  I then performed a who is lookup for their client and found out that their domain was registered through fulfilNET, I then googled the company and found this result under Wikipedia - Yodel Australia - fulfilNET it appears that they have gone into receivership as of November 2013!

    So where does this leave their client?  On further investigation it appears that TPP are the actual domain registrant and that fulfilNET is an onseller, after a few calls to TPP and explaining the situation someone finally understood what was going on, as they too had been informed that fulfilNET is in receivership due to phone calls from other clients in the same situation,  they were able to advise me to do the following:
    • Have the fulfilNET client send an email to
    • Notify them of their domain name
    • Send proof of ID and or Business Name Registration information
    • Request the registrant email be changed to an accessible email address
    • request a transfer password
    I hope this helps some of the Yodel Australia and fulfilNET clients to understand what is happening with their hosting and or domain registrations.

    In the meantime they have decided to choose No Trees to assist them in developing another website for them.  We suggested that as their site has had Malware on it for some time, it is probably a good time to build the new site on a new domain name and redirect the old one, once they get control of it.

    We are using historical data to show us an image of what the website looked like prior to being infected, then we extracted the content and images, screen captured the site for future reference, we are also taking this opportunity to build a much more professional looking site than the one they had, with Search Engine Optimisation, Security & Backup systems in place and also professionally written copy!

    Please feel free to contact us if you would like assistance, advice or a free quotation in order to get control of your domain, remove Malware off your existing site or replace one that has just simply dissapeared!

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