Responsive Design vs Mobile Sites

  1. Responsive Design vs Mobile Sites
    Responsive Design & Mobile Sites are optimised for smaller screen or mobile viewing, with mobile friendly navigation and faster load times.  These days most sites are moving away from mobile sites and moving more towards responsive sites, however, there are pros and cons for both solutions.
    Responsive Sites vs Mobile Sites:
    • Responsive:
      • Lower Maintenance & Cost Effective;  In responsive design, the device does the work and automatically adjusts according to a device’s screen size (large or small) and orientation (landscape or portrait). It switches between these options on-the-fly.
      • You cannot choose what content is viewed on a responsive
      • Use existing Domain Name (better for page hits and organic ranking, search engine optimisation) Google prefers responsive sites read more...
      • Content Creation - 1 site to create content for and keep updated
      • Future Ready
    • Mobile:
      • Higher Maintenance and more Expensive
      • You can control and choose what content is viewed on a mobile device.
      • A mobile site is essentially a copy of your website, where the server does the work to deliver an optimized page that’s smaller and easier to navigate. 
      • The solution can really customize a unique experience for mobile users.
      • You must use a separate domain or sub-domain i.e. (can negatively affect organic SEO as you now have two domains with separate content that are indexed and crawled by search engines.
      • Content Creation can be very time consuming as you now have 2 sites to create content and keep updated.
      • Major Updates and mobile site templates will be required with next-generation mobile devices and browsers.
    But what if No Trees had an even better solution?

    Imagine a Responsive site that allowed the site owner to control what content is viewed via mobile devices?  At No Trees we have an addon that will allow easy control over what the user views, with an auto-detect for mobile device, but still loading on your main site URL (excellent for SEO). This really does bridge the gap between Mobile Sites and Responsive Sites!

    What do I need to do?
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