QR Codes


See the image to the right of this page?  Looks like a weird kinda barcode?  It's a QR Code!

QR Codes can be read by most smart phones today, by downloading a simple app, when using the QR Code app the users phone scans the code to reveal important information, such as a website url, contact phone number, product, promotion, event details, locations and more!

Dynamic Website QR CODES

no trees QR Codes are dynamically generated for all our website pages!

This is a really great digital marketing tool to share information efficiently when marketing your product/service.  Just another environmentally friendly way to get your message out there!

QR Code reader apps are available from:

contact no trees today to find out how we can assist you in creating QR Code that dynamically generate urls from your website content, or your business contact details, or for you next marketing campaign!